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Nov 15, 2012 7:00pm PST
is scheduled to be slashed from the budget of wic, the women infant and children's nutrition program. wic provides checks and vouchers to about nine million new and expect act mothers -- expectant mothers for nutritious food. joining me now is mariana chilton, the founder of witnesses to hunger. and she's the director of the center for hunger-free communities. dr. chilton joins us from philadelphia where she's an associate professor at drexel university's school of public health. thanks for coming inside "the war room." >> thank you so much for having me. i'm happy to be here. >> jennifer: you bet. let's just take the big picture first. how would the wic program change if the $543 million are realized. what would it mean for people on the ground? >> well, i think it is most important that wic is not protected if we have to do across-the-board cuts. it is not an entitlement program. there are four major facts that we have to remember when we're thinking about the fiscal cliff and how it affects wic. first one i
Nov 28, 2012 1:00pm EST
will experience a savage cut of 8.2%, a reduction of over half a billion dollars. the program known as w.i.c., for short, provides nutrition and breast-feeding education, healthy food, and improved health care to millions of low-income families and mothers and children. nearly 735,000 participants will be cut from the program next year, and these are not families that can just make up the difference by taking shorter vacations or ripping out a little credit card, these are low-income families and they would be permanently hurt. in my home district of new york, these cuts would seriously threaten the ability to deliver critical services to mothers and babies. service that is they need. it's disproportionately affecting low-income families. sequestration would have a devastate -- would devastate the title 5 maternal and childcare services block grant program. this block grant currently serves over seven million individuals in new york by supporting initiatives that promote health, reduce economic disparate, and combat infant mortality. under the cruel consequences of sequestration, more than f
Nov 18, 2012 8:00am PST
program is fairly well-protected but other programs like the commodity program, the wic program, they will take a haircut. >> and people missing something they thought they needed before. >> that's right. >> and are you accommodating to that? are you planning ahead and saying let's -- can you do that at this point? >> you can. >> the fema money? >> it's almost catastrophic. to plan for a catastrophe like that is not doable. >> if you went and sat down with somebody at fema, i assume that would be a hard conversation to have. >> uh. >> the denial came before send hit the east coast and they stretched. >> they busy and a blank wall. even our politicians tell us they're having a hard time getting information about how decisions are made there. >> okay. you are now and just started kicking off the food for bay areas family that you do every year. >> yeah. >> and holiday time. cbs 5 and cw are proud to be cosponsors again of that effort, chi think is more important than ever. you go to whole foods, how does it work? walk me through it. >> people can do one of two things. they can pur
Nov 20, 2012 2:00pm PST
million. funding for the wic workforce program would lose almost $5 million. there would be a $1 million cut to housing services for people with hiv and aids and more than $1 million cut to the community development block grant program. ladies and gentlemen, this is our safety net. and our safety net's already strained by years of state cuts and it cannot sustain these additional reductions in federal funding. in addition to the cuts i have just detailed, there are also competitive grants and state pass-throughs that will also see cuts, and totals for which we really cannot estimate at this time. although this is serious business, and we need to get engaged -- although this is serious, we need to get engaged as a city to advocate against request ration -- sequestration taking place. my office is closely engaged with the governor, his white house, members of our federal delegation and other mayors from across the country to make sure they are aware of impacts sequestration would have on san francisco. i welcome all of your -- supervisors in making the case to our elected officials in wash
Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
and infants program. >> eliot: referred to as ci wic. >> it saved 500,000 babies from dying at birth. if there are any right to lifers, if you're a member of congress and you claim to be right to life don't cut that. the media focused on this, and dr. king built a serious grassroots movement. the social net in 60s and 70s with bipartisan support they created the modern nutrition safety net food stamps wic and almost entirely ended hunger in america. we have gone backwards because we told the country the myth that we can solve the problem with charities. >> you talk about the nutritional programs, so many others is with. >> osha. >> eliot: so many pieces that are now maligned, it's fascinating someone whose image is so different, of course. >> but he was forced to do it by grassroots movement and media attention. >> eliot: that is correct. what is the role being played by the breakfast program school lunches, is it enough and what are the gaps being left? i know this is something that you're very passionate about. >> first of all these programs reduce hunger in america and they help t
Nov 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
with money that's already available. >> breakfast first then summer. other programs like wic and snap but breakfast and summer are so key. these are school kids when they're at their most vulnerable cognitive development, their growth. we've got the resources to reach these kids. >> jennifer: if this is already in place you're not asking the president to do anything. >> no but to champion this and to help us mobilize governors into -- to ensure that people are aware of that. these programs are funded by the federal government the department of agriculture tim vilsack, the secretary of agriculture has been a huge champion in it. there are things they can do in terms of providing waivers for states so it is easier to implement the programs. >> jennifer: how do you make it happen to get the child there early enough for breakfast? >> in los angeles, we did a press conference with mayor vig rosa in may of 2011 and we spent about six months in advance getting one school, figaro elementary to move breakfast from the cafeteria
Nov 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
in terms of eobbying which in some wics is the moremportant way that money changed american politics. t's really the development of lobbying over this last 25, 30 yers that stands out as the most dramatic role of money in american politics. we tell the storyrs in the bookf the tax reform act of 1986. because this was one of these great examples when the lobbyists were overcondition. you know the gucci gulch right outside of the senate chamber where the well-heeled lobbyists attend to members of congress, well, gucci gulch was a place of, not of celebration, but of despair afte 1986 because all of these tax loopholes were closed, rates were brought down in a way that was actually making the tax code more equitable. and that was considered to be a big step forward for the public interest. well, a few years later lobbyists had written a lot of these loopholes back into the tax code. ten years lateryou know, youyo could hardly see any traces of the 1986 tax reform act. almost all of the good government public interest reforms that wereput into the tax code in 1986 overcoming the ilobbyists
Nov 22, 2012 7:00am EST
if that happens. so food stamps is non-affected. but programs like wic, for women, infants, and children, would be affected. things like head start. there would be an impact. unemployment insurance benefits are also scheduled for federal extension, to run out at the end of the month. that is another thing that has not been extended. we are concerned about what would happen, but we are also really concerned that a bad deal could make things worse and could cost programs. we know that house republicans, when they try to think about how they avoid sequestration, they basically said they would take a huge cut, which we were not extremely worried about. guest: i will say that for sequestration, everything has to be on the table, including defense. there is a disconcerting trend in congress coming from republicans to shelter defense spending from sequestration, which if they succeed definitely means that the brunt of sequestration is allowed to go through will be on other programs. but i will say this. i think not going through with sequestration is not an option. we have a big budget problem in this
Nov 24, 2012 11:00pm EST
without resources, just boxes of kranz. if they were beyond the programs like wic at that time in many many were so what we realized was we can certainly solve one problem. we can build the pipeline to get great resources to them. programs like risks and others are increasingly devoted to what kind of content is on -- is available through these programs and how they do that in the classroom. we consider ourselves soldiers in the same war, taking on that challenge and expanding beyond what we have reached so far so we can get completely across the united states and beyond the fantastic resources. >> jane robinson do you work with the public library's? >> we do. we like to be sure that we get brand-new books that are chosen by the administrators and teachers. that is our primary focus that we but we absolutely have worked with our corporate partners to supply school libraries with brand-new books and we have had multiple initiatives that focus on really replenishing libraries and as a matter fact right now in response to hurricane sandy's devastation, we have got a web site and we are wo
FOX News
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
in a little while. bradley manning who was the army private charged with turning over secrets to wic wikileaks is heading to court today. he was locked up in a small cell for nine months, he is expected to testify during the pretrial hearing that begins today at for the mead in maryland. that will run through sunday. i faces life in prison if he is convicted. bill: here is a jackpot for you the jackpot for wednesday's powerball. the drawing stands at $425 million. that is the richest powerball pot ever. millions of chasing the chance to hit it big. the drawing is tomorrow night. martha: someone suggested they should dived it up and have two winners because it's so big. bill: do you think so. martha: i think so. stpho: after taxes you have $200 million. the government would take half of it. how long would that cover our debt. seven and a half minutes. martha: seven and a half minutes. more republicans are saying that they will ignore their antitax pledge to some extent to make a deal on the fiscal cliff. we're going to talk to grover norquist the man behind the tax pledge, whether his tax agree
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
. nutrition programs for women, the w.i.c. program, would lose $543 million. the border patrol's budget would fall by $823 million. does anybody think that's a good idea? the budget for the border fence would drop by $33 million. n.i.h., which is doing critical research for cancer, cures to cancer, and genome research, is showing incredibly promising results that really i think gives a lot of those folks over there hope that we're going to be able to really eradicate or at least treat cancer as we've never done before, again, n.i.h., national science foundation, all of these programs would be subject to equest ration if we don't act -- sequestration if we don't act by january 31. now, again, there is clearly sitting out there opportunities for us to avoid that from happening. i mentioned the farm bill, which would put a denlt in the deficit target that the sequestration law requires us to hit. the tax measure, which has already passed the senate, which would put a huge dent in hitting that target. and a recognition which both mitt romney, when he was running for president, and president obama
Nov 30, 2012 9:00am EST
constituents to appreciate the scope of this problem. if we were to cut w.i.c. and head start and meals on wheels for elders and the low income heating -- we are made to believe that if we were to put all these kinds of programs on the table, we could maintain the bush era tax cuts, we could maintain most of the unequal treatment of dividends and corporate gains and then we would be just fine. we could find $4 trillion in pell grants and head start moneys. am i missing something here? mr. scott: if you look at the budget and if you take out social security and medicare and medicaid. and defense. and just look at what's call the -- called the nondefense discretionary budget, that's about round figures $400 billion. 23 you're trying to get $4 trillion in cuts, in 10 years, that's $400 billion a year. you'd have to eliminate government. there'd be no embassy security new york f.b.i. agents, no food inspection, no federal prisons, no f.b.i., no head start, no aid to education. ms. moore: no fina, highway spending. mr. scott: no fema. nothing. ms. moore: except tax cuts. mr. scott: you would
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)